C64 Studios

C64 Recording Studios in Baxter, TN is my home studio where I give lessons and develop my musical projects!
It is a small, acoustically balanced vocal, drum, and solo instrument studio.

C64 Recording Studios uses a superb analogue-to-digital conversion processor which will save direct to extremely high quality stereo formats including:

  • PCM Stereo Recording: BWF (.wav) (44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz, 16/24bit).
  • DSD Stereo Recording: DSDIFF/DSF (2.8/5.6MHz).

Creative Audio Services

I can write, create, and record specific audio material for your audio or video projects, including:

  • Custom drum kit and drum brush tracks and samples (Your kit or mine).
  • Percussion samples and tracks.
  • Voiceovers and narration (my voice or yours).

C64 Recording Studios is not a ‘rehearsal’ studio; thanks!