Signature Drum Brushes

My signature stainless steel retractable drum brushes are custom made in the USA.

Buy a pair for $32.99 now on Ebay.

The stainless steel brush wires are light-medium weight and offer several benefits over brushes with traditional wire:

  • Produces a slightly dryer, more consistent sound on the drum head.
  • Smooth lateral movement on any modern coated or calfskin drum head, new or old.
  • Higher frequencies are reduced for mic-ed performances and recording sessions.
  • Stainless steel brush wire is much stronger and lasts longer than traditional brushes.

The vintage red rubber handle is ribbed for great balance, feel, and control. Click the link below to view more details, pics, and purchase on Ebay:

Stephen Morabito Signature Stainless Steel Drum Brushes